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Our Scope Of Services

We provide these services through a combination of cutting edge  ideas, and practical solutions and procedures, which are presented in a clear  and unambiguous manner.

Our services enable you to fill short-term and long needs.

  • Licensing/Registration/Renewal and Amendments
  • Maintenance of statutory registers, records, notices and returns
  • Remittance of statutory payments
  • Display of Abstracts of the Acts &Notices
  • Conduct periodical Statutory Compliance audit
  • MIS Preparations for compliance audit and report to management for review
  • Timely submission of annual/half-early/quarterly returns under various labour Acts
  • Handling inspections on behalf of the client
  • Updating the labour law Amendments & notification
  • Monitoring to the clients for regulatory compliances & filing of necessary returns / records with appropriate authorities
  • And other allied labour law related services
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