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Rainbow HR Solutions is the best enabling partner for your Statutory Compliance Services, focusing on Labour Laws, Outsourcing, Payroll as well as providing Consultation & Legal Opinion. We offer compliance services that perfectly meet your organisation’s requirements.

We have been in the business of providing labour law compliance services over a decade.

As we expanded our operations across the country, we realised that one of the biggest challenges in implementing the letter of the law was the differing requirements in every state. We also realised how difficult it was to get accurate information regarding the laws in each state.

As part of our drive for excellence, we began building a database of laws and updates in most states in the country. Over time, the database grew more reliable and accurate and served as our internal knowledge base for delivering PAN-India compliance.

We have now decided to give something back to the labour law community and share the knowledge we have carefully accumulated.

Rainbow Hr Solutions contains acts, rules, minimum wages, forms, schedules, notifications and other information for most states in the country. A few states are work in progress and yet to be covered. You can see a full list of coverage here.

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