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Compliance Risk Management

We carry out assessments to identify different types of organizational risk for our client & help them not only to avoid future legal consequences but also minimize cost which they make without knowing the facts. Planning, Organizing and Establishing the Audit objectives within the scope of the work entrusted by esteemed clients, forms the basis for examination of document: in the most dutiful manner so as to determine the risk together with the compliance health state of an Organization. Thereafter the process of onsite Audits happen by personnel interactions, reviewing records an making observations with a tripartite signing of the evaluation in the case of Vendor Audit by Vendor’s Representative, Client’s representative and the Auditor while in the case of Entity, it is between the Client’s representative and the Auditor.

Our services enable you to fill short-term and long needs.

  • Entity Audit – Principal Employer’s audit comprises of a compliance checklist agreed upon by the Organization for physical verification of labour law compliances on a monthly or quarterly basis and to escalate non performance issues and areas of concern to the Management for resolution which includes periodic filing of returns under the various Acts.
  • Vendor Audit- Vendors are looked at, as Service Providers under a Service Agreement with the Principal Employer for various service deliverables which comprises of a vendor checklist where compliance documents are physically verified to assess the status of vendors main contractors or sub contractors offering services like Security, Housekeeping, Maintenance, IT, Transport, Gardening, Cafeteria etc.
  • Special Audit – In case of Special requirement to analysis Annual Compliance of Entity/ Vendor.

The findings are shared with prior briefings to the Management. Thus with regular Audits assessments, the level of compliance does not deteriorate but helps the client to stay not only risk free but in a healthy state of compliance as well. This is possible because we has an unsurpassed knowledge of regulatory requirements and industry standards that enables them to identify deficiencies quickly and provide insights for successful compliance to the clients backed by good liaison work with appropriate Government authorities at PAN India level.

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